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Meet Jim, A Happy Complete Solar Customer

Updated: Nov 23, 2021


Jim Hopkins is a retired engineering professional and a husband/father. Jim grew up in Chicago but moved to California in his early 20s with his wife. He has been happily living in sunny California ever since.


Jim noticed that his neighbors were starting to go solar. In talking to his neighbors and because of his electric vehicle, Jim became increasingly interested in going solar. He knew he wanted the Tesla panels and after some online searching, he found Complete Solar.

Jim reached out and had an initial conversation with one of our sales reps who helped Jim see a clear breakdown of his solar project and the potential savings from the switch. With the proposal in hand, Jim had plenty of time to review his options and he ultimately decided to go with Complete Solar.

From that point on, he worked with Tyler, his assigned project coordinator. Jim noted that Tyler was wonderful to work with—saying Tyler was always very communicative and available at every part of the solar process.


"I love their low-pressure approach to selling solar and once I decided that they were who I wanted to go with, I had a really great experience. The project manager that I worked with was really great, so I was never really wondering where we were at with things. Our pre-solar bill was normally around $250 and we expect our post solar bill to be 1/5th of that. We’re looking forward to the ongoing savings!" - Jim Hopkins

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