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Family enjoying their home’s new solar PV system

Going Solar With Confidence

We remove the frustration and confusion commonly tied to going solar. Having more than 10 years of solar experience, our partners, platform, and technology make going solar stress-free. We’re grateful for the thousands of customers who have validated our process and team with an average satisfaction score of over 75%. 

Our Customers

As much as we’d love to tell you how and why Complete Solar is great, we’d rather let our customers and partners do that for us.

Solar panel farm installed by Complete Solar

We make the world a better place by making clean, renewable energy both accessible and affordable to everyone. As the impact of climate change becomes more dire, the focus of everything we do is to pave a brighter way for our people and our planet.

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Will Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Albert Luu

Chief Financial Officer

Shane Messer

Chief Revenue Officer

Carl Jasper

VP of Finance

Andres Dass Patacsil

VP of Corporate Development & Strategy

BJ Wright

VP of Digital Product

Rachel Messer

Senior Director of Operations

Our Leadership Team

Meet the most experienced leadership team in the solar industry

What Makes Us Different

11+ years in solar

We started in 2009 as a sales origination company and quickly evolved into a full-stack energy services platform.

Elite Leadership Team

Our core leadership team is the most experienced collective group in the industry.

Well funded

Proven track record and financial backing show we will be around for years to come.

No Direct Sales Force

We team up WITH, not compete AGAINST our partners.

Speed to install

Our platform and speed-to-roof efficiencies help partners deploy solar more effectively.

Backend systems

Our solar management system HelioTrack and our design system HelioQuote are the best systems available in the solar industry.

High Net Promoter Score

Best customer experience in the industry.

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