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Improve Your Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Sustainability Simplified

Start With Yourself

  • Save an average of $100/month on electricity bills

  • Solar through the +Impact program is 20%-40% less than average retail

  • Make a positive social/environmental impact

Expand Your Environmental Initiatives

  • Build your brand as a sustainable, responsible corporate citizen

  • Offer substantial solar savings to your employees at no cost to you

  • Free, web-based dashboard to report employee participation rates and sustainability metrics

Sustainability in Action

- A Case Study

San Jose Tech Company

  • Total Participants to date: 23 (and growing)

  • Total Solar Installed: 140 kWs

  • Annual carbon offset: 210,000 lbs of CO2

  • Equivalent to 164,000 Commuter miles per year​697,000 airplane passenger miles per year

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