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Complete Solar Experience

Meet the Team

Real People Keeping You Well-Informed

When you decide to go solar, you are automatically assigned a full-time project coordinator. The job of this project coordinator is clear: keep you informed and happy.


Our project coordinators communicate with you at every stage of the project so you never have to doubt or question the status of your project. If you have any questions along the way, you can reach out to your solar coordinator or our support team to get immediate answers.


While the actual timeline of a solar project can look different based on things like project difficulty or local jurisdictions, we’ve streamlined the solar journey so an average install timeline is around 30 days.

In the following pages, you’ll learn what your customer journey will look like.

Project Coordinator
Christopher Leibow 
Project Coordinator
Darlynn Lacap 
Project Coordinator
Amanda Zurmely 
Project Coordinator
Adriana White


Turn your solar system on!


We will notify you if you need to be present for final inspection.

Installation Date

These documents may be mailed to you, if so, please place them in the main electrical panel on the side of your home.

Permit Submission & Approval

These documents may be mailed to you, if so, please place them in the main electrical panel on the side of your home.

Review Designs & Warranty

Once you approve your design we can apply for a permit.

Project Coordinator Introduction

At your convenience, schedule a time with your project coordinator to review your solar installation plan.

Site Survey

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Customer Roadmap

Our project coordinators are your personal guides through the whole process of going solar. You will have an introduction call immediately after deciding solar is the right choice for you. Our attentive and bright team will communicate with you weekly so that you always are in the know. Feel free to text, call, or email your dedicated project coordinator if you ever have questions or need help. 


Time is of the essence when you want to be saving on your utility bill through solar. While there are things that happen during the process that are a little out of our hands (such as delayed permit approval from your local governance), we aim for speedy installs that will get you saving as soon as possible. Our internal teams have all the motivation to quickly finish your solar installation and power your home with clean energy.


We work to make solar an entirely stress-free experience. Your savings are made clear and our process makes a potentially complicated construction project simple.  With our engaged support team, streamlined processes, communication channels, incredible partners, and operational software, you will go solar with complete confidence.


Thinking About Going Solar?

Talk to a solar expert who will answer all your questions regarding solar savings and the process of going solar!

How Much Can You Save?

Find out how much you could save on electrical costs by getting an estimate of your savings with just a few clicks.

The Solar Journey Is

Over the past 10 years, Complete Solar has broken ahead of the solar industry pack because of its commitment to creating wonderful solar experiences. What used to be a complicated and confusing process is now a streamlined, enjoyable process.

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