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Going Solar in A Virginia Oak Forest

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Deborah Phillips is a retired medical editor and microbiologist living in Virginia with her 6 dogs, 7 goats, and 30 chickens. Living on 5 acres of beautiful oak forest, Deborah stays busy in part by running her own crafting business where she makes sea glass, pottery, shell art, and jewelry. She also volunteers in a few different ways for her community.

Choosing Complete Solar Deborah has a great appreciation for nature, animals, and conservation. So choosing solar to power her home seemed like a natural fit. She found Complete Solar online and signed up to speak with a solar expert.

While Deborah was drawn to solar for environmental reasons, she was convinced to go solar because of the cost savings. She said, “I love doing my part to help the environment, plus the energy savings available through solar just make so much sense.”

Quote from Deborah Phillips

“I was honestly surprised that 1) solar would work with my home given how many trees surround my home and 2) how quick and simple the whole process would be. Complete Solar walked me through every step and everything was more simple than I expected. I would absolutely recommend Complete Solar to people considering solar—in fact, I already have recommended Complete Solar to my neighbors and friends.”

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