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4x Your Revenue
by Adding Solar

Existing security customers convert to solar at a 40% conversion rate.

The best employees stick with innovative companies or leave to find an employer that will

Solar provides employees with more opportunities for advancement and more appealing compensation plans

Sales reps are always looking for the next step in their career. Security pros see solar as that next step

Up to 50% of reps will leave security in favor of solar

Selling solar helps you recruit better sales reps

Solar provides a more appealing compensation plan, and year round selling opportunities that attracts the best sales talent

Two homes in California with solar PV systems installed by Complete Solar

~20% of your existing customers are thinking about going solar right now

Will they go solar with you, or one of your competitors?

Solar installations are projected to double in the next few years

That's 2.5 million homes for you to grow your business

"Security companies that don't add solar to their offering will struggle to compete"

-Dave Anderson

Successful Program Partners

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