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Your Friend

[Member Name]

Invited You to Save with Solar!

Friends don’t let friends pay more than they need to for their energy bills.

That’s why your friend, [Member Name], sent you to us. They had an amazing experience with us in going solar and they feel confident that you will love it too. 


We specialize in making solar simple and affordable. Fill out the form below to get a custom proposal that comes with a no-pressure sales process.


How it works


Fill Out the

Form Above

This will help us find out EXACTLY how much you can save.


Talk to a

Solar Expert

Our solar experts know that solar is a financial product, meaning if it won’t save you money, we won’t do it. They will answer all of your questions and even show you a layout of what your panels could look like!


Decide if Solar

is Right

We’re giving you OUR BEST solar pricing. AKA Savings on top of the money you will save by ditching your expensive utility company.


Enjoy the


From a family vacation to going back to school, solar can provide meaningful savings that can provide a better future for you and your family. What will you do with the savings you get from solar?

Why Do Customers Choose Complete Solar?


We're committed to saving you money. If it won’t save you money, we won’t do it. You’ll have peace of mind when you decide to go solar with us.

12+ Years in Business & 

Thousands of Installs

We are solar veterans; many companies come and go and leave you without support. We're tested, tried, and true to our commitment to you.

A Supported

Solar Journey

Our team provides you with a dedicated project manager—meaning you always know what's going on with your solar journey.

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