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How Solar Really Saves You Money

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

If you’re wondering how a $20,000+ solar energy system can save you money, you’ve come to the right place. It may sound ridiculous that spending money saves you money, but hear us out. It’s pretty easy logic, though not always intuitive. I’m going to lay out all the hard truths for you here.

Here are a few things we’ll cover to paint a clear picture of how solar saves you money:

1. What does solar do?

2. Where are you getting energy from now?

3. How much are you paying for energy right now?

1. What does solar do?

First and foremost, solar panels generate electricity—electricity that can be used to charge your phone, run your fridge or air conditioner, and turn your lights on.

All of these things you already do are costing you money somewhere right? You don’t get electricity for free, do you? So where does your electricity come from now?

2. Where are you getting energy from now?

All those things solar can do for you, like running your air conditioner, charging your phone, and turning on your lights, you’re already doing all of that. You’re already paying for all of that.

So how did you decide which company to go through for your electricity?

Did you choose that company because of their awesome customer service?

Maybe they had the best prices in town?

Or did you choose them because that’s literally your only option for having electricity at your house?

Chances are, you are using that particular energy provider because that was the only option you had for getting electricity into your home. Your utility company doesn’t want you to know there are other ways to get electricity into your home because they want to continue to monopolize all the electricity in your area.

3. How much are you paying?

That energy company that you had no choice in using: “Those other guys.” How much are you actually paying them? Are you spending 100 bucks a month? $150? $200 or more? Prices vary drastically from one utility company to another and from one season to the next.

So the fact of the matter is you are already paying for electricity. You have a budget for it every month, right? At the very least you plan for that cost.

So here’s the kicker. You don’t have to pay “those other guys.” You have options for buying electricity. And you can even do it without dropping a big bag of money down on the table. Sure installing a solar system costs money, but if you spread that money out with one of the many solar financing options out there, you will spend less than what you’re paying "Those Other Guys."

99% of our customers save money the very first month after going solar.

Many of them trade their $200+ electricity bill for a $125 solar loan bill and save $75 (or even more!).

If you factor in that "Those Other Guys" raise their rates by about 3% each year and solar rates won’t change, then multiply those savings over the course of 25-30 years, you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, in net savings.

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