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As A Trusted Advisor You Have An Incredible Opportunity To:

Increase your revenue from solar commissions

Sell more and upsell or your existing packages because of solar saving and cost offsetting potential

Retain and recruit more employees with more competitive career and compensation plans

Drive On Sunshine

Partner with us

With our platform and partner experience team, you will have everything you need to thrive in solar—


For selling solar panels there is:

For tracking your jobs and keeping your customers happy, there is:

We’re an Ideal Partner for Security, HVAC, & Roofing Professionals

With over 10 years of experience in solar, we’ve learned how to not only streamline the process of going solar, but also how to help other residential experts get involved and succeed in solar.

Fuel Your Future with Solar Savings

From locked-in low energy prices to increased home equity, solar offers financial benefits for you and all of your future adventures. Install solar panels and turn your home into a powerhome by generating your own clean electricity! 


This change will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill, in fact, we won’t install solar panels if it won’t start saving you money in your first month. 


If you’re considering an EV, know that we provide fully connected solar-charging options so that you can power both your home and your vehicle!

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