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Home Solar Made Easy

From affording groceries this month to going on more family trips, or going back to college, solar panels have meaningful financial benefits. And while utility bills increase ~3% every year, you can lock in your low solar payments and enjoy greater financial freedom.


What will you do with the money you save from going solar?

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Thinking About Going Solar?

Talk to a solar expert who will answer all your questions regarding solar savings and the process of going solar!

How Much Can You Save?

Find out how much you could save on electrical costs by getting an estimate of your savings with just a few clicks.

Solar Made Simple, Savings Made Clear–Explore Solar.

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​You get streamlined financing and installations when you choose to go solar with Complete Solar. Our support team is committed to excellent experiences for you and our valuable customers.

Home Owner

In the end, it was the customer service that sold us...”Solar can be an intimidating process." 

That’s why we’ve spent the last 10+ years streamlining the process for a stress-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace my roof before going solar?

This depends on the condition of your roof! If you already need maintenance in the near future, you should replace your roof or make repairs before going solar because it can be costly to remove and reinstall solar. Some types of roofing material are incompatible with solar installations. We can help you update your roofing material with one of our many roofing partners

How long does it take to install a solar system?

A solar system can be installed within a day or two. However, the time it takes to order materials, acquire permits with your local government and utility company varies. Also, if your property requires certain upgrades it may extend the full length of the solar project. From signing your contract to finalizing your permission to operate paperwork, Complete Solar works to install your project as quickly as possible, while keeping you informed every step of the way

How many solar panels will I need?

The number of panels you will need is determined by your home energy usage patterns. Complete Solar will analyze your electric bill to know how many kilowatt hours your home uses to determine your ideal system size.

Can I afford to go solar?

For homeowners with good credit, solar is more affordable than paying for normal utilities. Let us say that again. In most cases, solar is  more affordable than paying for your monthly utilities. There are amazing payment options that set you up for immediate savings that will only increase over time.

Get a quote to accurately see how much you can save!

How much money can I save by switching to solar?

This definitely depends on your energy usage and the type of solar system you choose. But ultimately, your solar savings could range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a year.  As energy prices continue to rise year after year, you will really start to see savings that accumulate from your locked-in solar rates.

Would solar work for my home?

The location of your home, the direction of your roof, and shade all play a role in if your home is well-suited for solar. Fill out this form to see if solar makes sense for you!


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