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Put $1,000 in Your Wallet

As a Lifemart member, you get an exclusive $1,000 rebate when your solar gets installed.


You Already Pay For Electricity, Why Not Pay Less?

Solar power is almost always more affordable than buying power through your utility company. You can start saving money the first month your solar system is operational.*


Schedule an appointment to know your exact monthly savings.

See How Much You Can Save!

*Savings may vary. This offer cannot be combined with other offers and is not for existing customers.


Complete Solar currently operates in the following states:

CA, CO, CT, MA, & TX


Increase the Value of Your Home

Solar almost pays for itself just in the equity it adds to your house. A Zillow study estimates solar can add up to 5% to the value of your house.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar is the single best way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Going solar will reduce your carbon footprint by 35-55%.

Solar Tax Credit

Buying a solar system makes you eligible for a 1:1 tax credit of 26% of the total system cost. A couple thousand dollars could come in handy next tax season.


Net-metering lets you send any unused solar power back to your utility company. They'll put a credit on your account so when you need power from them, you'll use your credits first.

Easy Financing

We offer the best financing options in the industry whether through loan or lease. And if your solar bill isn't less than your monthly electricity bill, we won't install it.

Complete Solar currently operates in the following states:


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